Following the concept of personal mandalas, Roz has created word vibration mandalas, used as powerful healing and visualisation tools. In the same vein as DR. MASARU EMOTO's work, where positive words written on bottles of water cause the water crystals to resonate to their perfected geometric state, these mandalas reflect the energy of the chosen word into your reality.
Every letter, word and name has a vibratory coding, a geometric blueprint that evokes its sound and creation. Using the Pythagorean system of Numerology, words are split into vowel and consonant totals before the whole word is added up. The vowels reflect the Soul, or inner, receptive core of the word, while the consonants reflect the outer, expressive surface of the word. The whole word total reflects the Destiny, or potential of the word. These vibrations are reflected in the mandala layers, with the Soul number at the centre of the mandala, the Outer Expression or Personality number on the outer layer of the mandala and the whole word total, or destiny potential of the word, as the sum of the two, is expressed in the middle layer of the mandala. All three aspects form a trinity mandala, with three circle-layers expressing the vibrations as their geometric archetypes.
It is fascinating how the meaning of the number vibrations informs the perception of the word. Focusing on the geometric blueprint of words engages one with the essence vibration of the word, bringing that energy into one's subtle energy field. Just having them around in your environment resonates the energy blueprint of the word into your experience.





The Soul number is found by adding together the values for the VOWELS in the word. It forms the central core vibration of the word, and so forms the form at the centre of the Mandala. The Soul number identifies the inner, female aspect of the word and it is the primal vowel sounds that give birth to the word, the seed potential, the egg of the word if you like!
The vowels in the word PEACE add up to 11 (/2). We would usually first look at the influence of the root-essence vibration, in this case the number 2, and then at the more subtle influence of the compound numbers. However, the double-digit number 11 holds a special vibratory resonance that singles it out as very significant, and very potent, and this is most easily understood through the deeper symbolism of the geometric expression of this vibration. The energy of the 1 is expressed geometrically as a circle, the all-encompassing unity, and the All-That-Is. In alchemy and sacred geometry the number 11 is often represented by two circles joined together, and this form is known by geometers/alchemists as the Vesica Piscis.
The two circles represent two polar opposites, which is what the 11 symbolises, and in this sense, one circle defines the female aspect of God while the other circle symbolises the male aspect of God. The Vesica Piscis is the space that joins the two to birth the third, the joining of female and male energy to create a new form. And within this oval form between the two circles, is found the mathematical ratio that creates the synergy of magnetic (female) and electrical energy (male) that actually creates the electromagnetic spectrum, or light itself. The 11 also has the two 1's together, and this can symbolise opposition and polarity, the opposing forces of dark and light. However, in its highest vibration, 11 is all about walking the middle way, choosing to balance opposing forces and transcend polarity. Which is really what the essence of PEACE is all about!
The concept of the trinity is fundamental in nature and creation and we see the trinity mirrored in all the mystery teachings of the ancients. 3 is regarded as the perfect number to represent the true nature of the Godhead because it expressed the Beginning, the Centre and the End of all things. The trinity symbolizes the divine expression of self that is achieved when a balance and joining of the Male (Left Brain), and Female (Right Brain), happens, and our perceptual ability is re-born and we become enlightened. This is symbolized in the trinity relationships that underpin all the ancient teachings.
The number 21 is associated with Cosmic Consciousness. The 21st card in the Tarot is The World. This card is loaded with archetype symbols. We see a circle made from a wreath and an androgynous figure dancing in the centre. The Four "fixed" signs of the Zodiac appear in the four corners of the card. What this card depicts is a whole journey through the cycles of Life, from the seed to the flower to the fruit and back to the seed again. It relates our perception of time to the grander scales of the cosmic cycles that influence us in our daily lives. The four fixed signs mark out the four quarters of the Zodiac, and indicates that when we reach the 21st card we have passed through the lessons of the Major Arcana, and passed through a full cycle of the Zodiac. Along this journey our consciousness has evolved to see the Unity in all things and to understand that we are truly responsible for our own lives, that we truly create realities with our thoughts and beliefs. The circle represents the cyclicity of life, the karmic cycle of cause and effect, and also tremendous creative potential, waiting to crack open the cosmic egg, and unleash the force of creation. The figure in the card is a depiction of the Anima Mundi, the aware state of being that was the goal of the Alchemists. The cosmic egg represents the goal of what the Alchemists called the Great Work, where all chaos and chaotic influences are brought into a grand cosmic order. The wreath around the figure represents the laurels of victory, the ultimate goal of life has been achieved.
The 10th card in the Tarot is the WHEEL of FORTUNE, and its main message is that over time, all things come to pass. It also tells us that time is cyclic rather than linear, and what goes around, comes around. This card illustrates the karmic cycle of cause and effect. With this vibration one is made well aware of the importance of giving unconditionally. We all know instinctively that we reap what we sow, and that giving with no attachment or manipulation ensures a tidal wave of abundance in return.
With 10, there is also the presence of the Zero, and the zero is the symbol of the Monad, the circle of perfection that represents the God consciousness before creation began (the womb). The zero and the circle represent the Absolute, the I AM consciousness, and there are many words that describe this state of being. The zero offers the divine protection of this all-pervading consciousness, and manifests a deep-seated feeling of Faith. 1 is the vibration associated with expressing the Life/Light force, radiating light and love out from the centre of its perfect circle of Unity, so the circle is representative of both the 1 and the zero, and the image of the Monad shows a point within the centre of a circle, encompassing the energy of the One, and its sphere of influence.
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